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The object of Danish DX Group is to attract DX-interested radioamateurs
in a closer co-operation to:

Stimulate the interest for DX-ing
Relay information about DX-peditions, new entities and activity from remote places.
Support DX-peditions with financial aid as well as hard-ware and QSL-service.
Encourage participation in contests particularly from OZ-stations fx. by co-ordinating participation.
Organize an annual meeting with lectures, speeches, slides/video etc.
Organize meetings with foreign DX`ers visiting Denmark.


E-mail a brief description of your plans to our secretary OZ1LO.

We prefer to donate from our limited resources to DX-peditions to rare entities not activated
every year requiring expensive individual transportation rather than
small donations to DX-peditions to semi-rare entities often activated.

DX-peditions asking for a donation shall generally indicate that they plan to devide
their activity between at least the two most common used modes, CW and PHONE.

DX-peditions to the most needed of the so-called semi-rare DXCC entities
may also ask for a small donation, and they have the best chances to receive one,
if they besides CW and PHONE, where practically all of our members have worked the entity on least one band,
also promise a fair amount of activity on the digital modes (RTTY) and on difficult bands like fx. 160 m. and 6 m.

We expect that every participant of a DX-pedition have a target 500 to 1.000 QSO`s per day.

Requests for a donation to IOTA Islands, that are not at the same time
a part of a DXCC entity of the above mentioned categories are not wanted.

Should we not be able to help you with a real donation, we may still be able to help you a bit,
depending upon how many different band/mode-QSO`s you make with members who wants to make use of our.


Let us briefly explain, how this QSL-service works:

A Minimum of 10 members will send their cards + a small fee to our treasurer shortly after the DX-pedition is completed.
She sorts the cards cronologically by bands and mode, and send them to you in one bulk by registered mail,
together with a list of the QSO-data and the check with what comes in from the QSL-service (+ the donation, if we promised you a donation).

You are then supposed in due time to send the DX-pedition-QSL`s to our members
in one bulk to our treasurer, who will distribute them here, at the cheapest domestic mail coast.
This way both our members and the QSL-manager is saving time and mailing costs,
which we make of benefit to the organizer(s) og the DX-pedition.



Kenneth Hemstedt
Esbern Snares Gade 3,
DK-1725 KÝbenhavn V
Phone: +45 30 23 25 25

Allis Andersen
Kagsaavej 34
DK-2730 Herlev
Phone: +45 44 85 25 30


Leif Ottosen
Bankevejen 12
DK-4750 Lundby
Phone +45 55 76 91 48